This page is dedicated to the little ANGELS that have touched my life and no
longer here to give me joy and happiness with every look and lick .They bought
such joy and love into my life. I had no idea that it was possible to love this
creature of God's so much, or that when I lost it I would hurt so bad, Who ever said
they where just a dog never loved a BULLDOG and was never loved by
          SEPT 2003
This is my Stormy-Storm although I had sold
her to the nieces family in West Virginia their
wasn't a day I didn't think about her. My
Stormy-Storm died this week from a snake
bite, her nack for sticking her nose where it
didn't belong cost my angel, her life but most
likely spared her new family.
My Stormy-Storm was truly an ANGEL from
God with the way she looked at you and got
so excited when you came home right down to
way she crossed her feet, Their isn't enough
words or tears to tell you how much I loved
This is my Handsome Doc. I have
had a very hard time with this one,
Almost placed them all, You see Doc
stole my heart from day one he was
perfect in looks and comformation
just awesome, but most important the
love he had was unreal . It is now
almost November and I need to pull
his page .
He lays beneath the old oak with my
other angels, I visit them everyday
and as I sat here trying to finish this it
is almost un bearable, the heart ache
I only had my Doc for twelve days but
I will hold him in my heart forever.
                July 3, 2008
I'm at a lost for words Roxy was a true love. All she
needed was me, she gave me her all.
Roxy payed the ultimate price for me I blame myself for
the lost of this beautiful girl.
I just had to have babies. Roxy packed her babies full
term but died  while having them I was by her side and
the lost is unbeliveable.
We saved Roxy's pups and they are awesome the one
my Grandson calls Little Race Car is my Roxy all over
right down to the way she talks to me  scats like a cat  
sits and just watches me . If they come back she is my
Roxy .
I don't think the tear will ever stop for this one . What a
lost  I would have never bred her had I thought in a
million years I would loose her, Roxy was so healthy
never a sick day  never a off day alway bubbles.
                                                         Jan's Rock'N My World
                                       " Sissy "
What can I say Sissy was beautiful and a great lost to me and my breeding program. Better known as
Tanners Little Race Car!!!! I lost Sissy on April 13 th on her 56 day of pregnancy, I held Sissy every day
she was my baby . Sissy was a unbelievable girl, A very standard bitch. What love she had for everyone
she loved to show easy keeper. Sissy was a very short back female has made me re think what I'm
looking for in a breeding bitch who wants one who finishes fast and then to turn around breed them and
loose them to high a price for me, I get to attached to these wonderful girl. You see they are just dogs to
me they are the love of my life. I talk to them love them and they have a love for me that is unreal. I was
so glad my daughter told my grandson I don't know that I would have been able to. I had to take her
picture down it hung right beside my desk so hard , As I sit here writing this I can see my sissy looking at
me I loved her so much, What a beautiful girl. Their is hole in my heart. :(
                                                                                June 16, 2010
Bertha  Was a  awesome girl Tanner picked her out when she was 2 days old I will never forget it as long
as I live. He said Mama I want this one she was the biggest in the litter just a awesome bully baby for a
awesome humane baby.  He would  pack her around all day . Back then Tanner and Bertha came to
mama's everyday . They would play all day with Bertha's Mom Winnie.  Bertha was Tanner's bully but
turned out to be the whole family's . She loved them all . Bertha's favorite place to lay was in front of the
TV she thought everyone was watching her ( little did she know they really were)  Can't watch TV without
thinking of her.  But her best case would have been for a cool air duck in front of the TV she loved to belly
out on them.
Bertha died on my watch I worked for 45 minutes trying to get her back. ( I thought this might be a little
easier if I would wait but it's not).  I would have rather died as to have made that phone call. Such a sad
day for my whole family !!!!
         Jan's Snow Queen
Snowy was a awesome girl sweetest girl you
could ever want easy keeper alway looking for
that kiss or for you to just tell her you loved her. I  
Iost my Snowy on her 57 days of pregnancy she
had 11 babies in her. I think of you my sweet girl
all the time.
    CH Jan's Little Hot Pepper Willow
                            "Willow "
Willow is such a beautiful girl. When she was born I knew
she was a champion I only let her play with me for fear
she would get a mark or something on her. She was very
special and very spoiled. Willow was my first champion my
first bred by. I was so blessed to have this awesome girl. It
has totally ripped my heart right out of my chest. She
captured my heart from the day she was born and kept it
rapped around hers to this day. If only I could go back . I
lost willow on her 57 day I had sit up all night holding her
praying to make it till morning I loaded her and off to the
vet we went and on the way wouldn't you know it in true
Willow form she found Eli's toy put it in her mouth and
looked at me as to tell me it's mine but I'm to tired to play .
It is just unbearable to take I saved one little girl from her
eight babies and if possible she is my Willow, she acts
just like her. I just can not take my Willow off my website I
think of you all the time as you rest in my bulldog curio
cabinet with  your medal around you I love you.
                  CH Jan's QuarterBack Sneak
                          " Eli "
It has been a rough 24 hours to say the least. I lost my Eli yesterday morning . I
found him on his blanket looking like he was asleep like always. Called his name
and no response so I knew he was gone. He is always the first to want his kibble
and Moms love.
My husband used to tell me you love that dog more than me, I would just look at
him and say you wouldn't want to push that matter.
Eli was a great sire he has influence on every dog on the place at some point.
Most importantly he was my Love, He was a easy show dog loved to go with
Mom and even after he finished I would have to sneak out of the house on show
day because he would get so worked up and would just cry and howl when I left.
It will never be the same here. His first time in the ring at 9 months he went BOB
over specials for a major... I was just hoping to get around ring. I catch my self
looking for him all the time. His love for me was unconditional and mine for was the
same. I was truly blessed to have had this beautiful boy in my life.
RIP my beautiful boy... 9/22/2006-7/19/2017
Your coat as white as snow your movement that took my breath away to the love
of every kiss you gave me everyday, I could not have asked for a better friend
                     Jan's Summer Lovin Rose
                                " Rose "
Rose was one of those that stole my heart from day
one. It breaks everyday for this girl. Their is still no
one in her run and her dog bowl is still setting their.
I still look to her run every time I go to the kennel
and say where's my Rosie. She alway got out when I
was in the kennel alway sitting on the run to watch
me feed everyone.
Rose loved to show and go bye bye with me. what a
breath taking girl . My heart will alway ache for you..